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The Inspiring Poetry of Dwight Wright

Dwight Wright's poetry is filled with messages of hope and love. Enjoy your opportunity to read a sample of his inspiring poetry, and then visit Amazon to purchase your full copy of "A Joyful Noise: poetry for the soul."

Chapter 1, "Faith"

This Day, I Pray

"Today I'll say a prayer for those whose souls have lost their way
and hope that their tomorrow will bring a brighter day.

Today I'll help someone in need, expecting nothing in return.
With no strings attached for my deed, their welfare my only concern.

Today I'll be more thankful for the blessings given to me
and appreciate God's loving grace I've been too blind to see.

Today I'll hold the joys of life and let my worries slip away.
Praise the Lord for giving me the strength to make it through this day!"


Chapter 2, "Lovin' You"

If You Were Love

"If you were a rose, I'd be your stem holding you tight.
If you were the moon, I'd be your clear starry night.

If you were a dove, I'd be the wind beneath your wing.
If you were a diamond, I'd be your gold ring.

If you were a rainbow, I'd be your blue sky.
If you were a broken heart, I'd be a shoulder when you cry.

If you were a vision, I'd make you all that I could see.
And if you were love, I'd keep you inside of me."



A Mother's Love

"A mother's love sees the good before it sees the bad.
It wipes the tears away when you're hurt and feelin' sad.

A mother's love believes your dreams can and will come true.
When others have their doubts, she still has faith in you.

A mother's love wishes you joy but knows some sorrow will be there too.
And when you're worn and torn a mother's love makes you feel brand-new!"

A Mother's Love



"Grandma musta’ been a doctor, she had a cure for whatever hurt.
Grandma musta’ been a maid, her house never had a speck of dirt.

Grandma musta’ been a judge, she just knew when you were tellin’ a lie.
Grandma musta’ been a grocer, she always knew the best foods to buy.

Grandma musta’ been a chef, her good cookin’ made you pat your feet.
Grandma musta’ been a fighter, bullies ran when she walked down the street.

Grandma musta’ been a teacher, she sure taught me about life and how to love.
Grandma you’ll always be a part of me, even though you’re now in heaven up above."

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