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Dwight Wright

Dwight Wright

"I moved to the fast-paced city of “Los Angeles”, California with my family as a young boy and have lived here most of my life. Growing up in L.A.’s richly diverse environment has exposed me to a wide variety of people and cultures. I’ve had the good fortune of working a number of jobs that involved a great deal of public interaction. Driving city buses on the busy streets of L.A. and walking through its neighborhoods delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service has helped me to become a “people person”. I’m always ready to give an encouraging word and a friendly smile to brighten someone’s day. I’m now reaching out to touch the lives of a larger audience with my inspiring poetry. I hope you enjoy my poetry as much as I’ve enjoyed putting my heart and soul into writing it. Please tell a friend about my website wrightbooks.com and see all my books available on “Amazon” by searching (poetry by dwight wright)."

Thank you, Enjoy!

- Dwight Wright